Vietnamese/international students are becoming more and more under-resourced when it comes to college admissions, especially for those who have always dreamt of studying in the US, in one of the most prestigious universities. They aren't getting much help from their high schools, parents or friends. For such an important life decision, unfortunately it is the students and the families that suffer.

In recognizing this, we have figured out something that fundamentally changes the nature of admissions guidance - near peer mentorship. We have created a network of expert admissions mentors who have recently succeeded in the process themselves. We carefully pair each student with a mentor from a top college, who works personally with the student for the entire year. They are the ones that will be helping students discover their interests, develop significant self-motivation, and become high performing individuals. 

We’ve built our mentorship program to drive significant personal and professional development for our students. Combining mentorship with engaging content, insider strategies, and personalized analyses, our program provides students with the tools to succeed. As students learn from successful older peers, they develop confidence, autonomy, and critical thinking skills. The ultimate goal is for college admissions to just be the next step in series of successes driven by the student.

Who We Are

We are a team of highly professional college admissions experts with firsthand experience. Our consultants are extremely talented and recent graduates from universities. Since they just went through the process themselves, the latest trends in admissions are fresh on their minds. Our consultants also live on the campuses, so they understand intuitively the type of applicant each school is looking for. 

Best of all, our mentors are close in age to high school students, allowing them to connect on a personal level that is absolutely critical in a process that is all about developing your unique profile.

USIS Excellency - College Admissions & Scholarships Program

Core Elements of Our Program

  • Personal Mentor Pairing: Each student is paired with a personal mentor based on our proprietary personality questionnaire and matching algorithm. All of our mentors are selected to have extremely impressive profiles.
  • Plan Creation: Each student will work with his or her mentor to develop a full academic and extracurricular plan for the year that details specific and measurable goals and a timeline.
  • Academic Advising: The mentor serves as the student’s academic advisor, providing personalized insight and clarity into choosing classes, meeting academic milestones, and preparing a standardized test portfolio.
  • Extracurricular Advising: The largest topic of discussion between students and mentors is the student’s extracurricular profile. We help students best position themselves for impressive activities, strong leadership, and a thematic profile.
  • Admissions Insights: We became a nationwide brand because of our proprietary admissions curriculum and insights, powered by the thousands of students we’ve worked with. Students have access to all of our learnings so they can stay ahead.
  • Mind & Interest Broadening: Our mentors are trained in discovering a student’s interests and helping develop them through consistent sharing of intriguing articles, inspiring developments, multimedia content, and discussion-based exploration.
  • Capstone Achievement (Final Project): The mentorship program culminates in the development of a final project, envisioned entirely by the student with the help of the mentor. Students explore an area of interest via a special project, like a research paper, self-started organization, website, etc.
  • Rapport Building & Relationship Development: An essential part of our program is helping students develop strong social skills to build excellent relationships with teachers, counselors, and external figures. We teach students the core elements of relationship building and how to stand out within a community.
  • Stress Management & Social Development: High school can be extremely stressful. We believe that all successful students have excellent stress management as well as positive social groups that motivate them. Mentors are constantly helping students build skills to surround themselves with good influences.

What You Can Expect

  • Discover And Develop A Unique Set Of New Passions And Real Interests
  • Develop A Student’s Self-Motivation, Passion, And Leadership Abilities
  • Establish A Strong Academic And Extracurricular Profile Within A Student’s Interests
  • Serve As A Positive Influence To Keep Students On The Right Track

Student Results

Our students have been accepted to every Top 50 University and annually they receive multiple acceptances to the most competitive schools in the US. Many of our students also receive significant financial aid offers. We are commited to providing exceptional services and delivering on our promise to maximize each student's potential.

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